BOS 100® IS A TRAP & TREAT® IN-SITU REMEDIATION TECHNOLOGY OFFERED BY REMEDIATION PRODUCTS INC. (RPI) and is specifically designed to abiotically degrade chlorinated solvents. It is a unique material manufactured from high-grade virgin carbons (intended for use in food or drinking water applications). The food-grade carbon is impregnated with metallic iron formed under reducing conditions at a temperature of roughly 850 degrees C. At this temperature, as the metallic iron is formed, it partially dissolves into the carbon forming a new and unique material with properties of both the activated carbon and iron but with capabilities exceeding zero valent iron in terms of rates and range of halogenated compound destruction and degradation.

As manufactured, the product contains roughly 6.5% (w/w) metallic iron. When the contaminant is adsorbed into the pore structure of the activated carbon, it interacts with the reactive iron and is abiotically degraded. Reaction end products include dissolved iron, chloride, and a series of unregulated gases such as ethylene and methane.

AST has used BOS 100® at over 100 sites ranging from small dry cleaners to complex industrial properties.

In addition to addressing source area impacts in both overburden and bedrock, the product has been used to construct permeable reactive barriers (PRBs) to prevent migration of contaminants to off-site properties or surface water bodies.

BOS 100 Projects

AST BOS 100 application, New Jersey


August 9, 2021

CAT 100 BOS 200 Application

CAT 100 and BOS 100® Application at Northern European Active Industrial Site

March 25, 2021

BOS 100® Application at Former Military Site

September 24, 2020

PCE Mass Reduction and Plume Attenuation at Active Manufacturing Facility (BOS 100®)

December 16, 2019

Chemical Plant Combined Remedy (CAT 100 + BOS 100®)

November 22, 2019

BOS 100® Injection Facilitates Time-Sensitive Real Estate Transaction at Canadian Industrial Property

May 8, 2019

Successful BOS 100® Application At Carbon Tetrachloride Remediation Site

May 8, 2019

BOS 100® Angled PRB Installation At Superfund Site

May 8, 2019

Combined Remedies Treat Large Chlorinated Industrial Site (BOS 100®)

May 8, 2019