To keep our environmental industry clients and colleagues informed of recent and recognized developments in environmental remediation technologies and techniques, AST employs several methods of providing technology transfer that we feel are relevant, flexible, and important to our clientele. From live webinars to in-person presentations to on-demand training, our goal is to connect you with our experienced senior staff in a technical learning format that provides the proper assistance, collaboration, and efficient use of your time. Strongly, AST believes the information we present live or on-demand encompasses the best-available technology and techniques to remediate sites small and large, from heavily-impacted source areas to dilute plumes, phreatic to vadose zone, and comingled contamination to site civil activities.

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Thursday, May 19 2022

12:00PM – 1:00PM (EDT)

Permeable Reactive Barriers Just Keep Getting Better: How To Keep Up With The Times

This presentation, provided by Kevin French, Vice President of Vertex Environmental, Inc., will serve to outline an improved approach to PRB design that takes advantage of the current state of knowledge and technology in the environmental industry. Aspects that will be discussed in the talk include:

  • Necessary site characterization data inputs
  • High-resolution PRB alignment profiling
  • Desktop modeling and preliminary design
  • Bench-scale PRB design testing and optimization
  • Detailed design and sensitivity analysis
  • Installation techniques, including in fractured bedrock
  • New QA/QC test methods for reactive media, including AC amendments
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