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THE CONCEPTUAL SITE MODEL (CSM) IS THE COMMUNICATION TOOL THAT PRESENTS THE UNDERSTANDING OF THE FATE AND TRANSPORT OF CONTAMINANT MASS AT A SITE. An accurate CSM is the critical component to success for any soil and groundwater remediation project and is developed from historical investigations and the Remedial Design Characterization (RDC).

At AST, the CSM has been taken to the next level. High-resolution quantitative groundwater and soil sampling and analysis, geophysical methods, and aquifer characterization are combined to provide a highly accurate understanding of contaminant distribution. The CSM is in turn used to develop surgical remediation plans focused on optimizing remedial cost and timeframes.

The CSM can be presented in varying degrees of sophistication depending on the complexity of the site. The presentation can range from tabular data and 2-dimensional projection to a more complex 3-dimensional model. AST can provide 3-dimensional modeling on request.

AST’s proven track record of achieving the established site cleanup goals is directly correlated to the CSM and resulting surgical remediation plan.