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AST HAS BEEN PERFORMING GROUNDWATER AND SOIL IN-SITU REMEDIATION PROJECTS SINCE OUR INCEPTION IN 1993. In the early 2000s, driven by the environmental marketplace, AST began injecting amendments on a small scale to address petroleum and chlorinated impacts in saturated soil and groundwater. In 2005, we took it to the next level, upgrading one of our mixing and injection systems to install 200,000 lbs of micro-scale ZVI and 30,000 gallons of an organic electron donor to address chlorinated solvent groundwater impacts.

Since then, AST has strived for continual improvement in our understanding of both in-situ biotic and abiotic processes, development of mixing and injection systems capable of handling wide ranges of amendments from high solids slurries (>30%) to corrosive oxidants, and advances in methods, procedures, and techniques that have been proven to be highly effective at managing back-diffusion in varied geologic settings.

While most in-situ projects focus on groundwater cleanup, AST has also developed effective techniques to reduce total contaminant mass from saturated soil. So whether your site requires groundwater remediation or total mass reduction (soil + groundwater), AST and our experienced project management team can work with you to develop a time and cost effective remedy.

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As we look to the future, AST will continue to be innovative while focusing on qualities that are important to our clients -- safe, effective, and efficient implementation of projects that achieve the established remedial site goals.

Bedrock Injection

AST’s custom bedrock injection unit and straddle packer assemblies are capable of isolating and injecting into any competent fracture network.

Overburden Injection

AST has perfected the science and implementation of both simple and complex overburden injection programs.


AST has developed an injection approach that utilizes traditional drilling techniques to reach lithologies and/or depths not accessible via direct-push injection alone.

Soil Mixing
(Stabilization and Solidifcation)

When site conditions warrant, AST can directly mix reagents into the subsurface to either remediate or stabilize contaminated soil.

Permeable Reactive Barriers (PRBs)

AST has completed many PRB projects via direct-push injection and conventional continuous trench application to limit groundwater mass flux.