TRAP & TREAT® CAT 100 IS A FUSION OF RPI’S BOS 100® AND BIOTECHNOLOGY TO PRODUCE TECHNOLOGY CAPABLE OF ACHIEVING RESULTS BEYOND THE CAPABILITIES OF EITHER ONE ALONE. Electron transfer, the heart of all contaminant degradation processes, is promoted as the contaminant binds to the metal creating an electrical connection extending throughout the activated carbon matrix. An electron pump created by slow degradation of complex carbohydrates and peptides feeds electrons to the conductor, which shuttles them to the site of depletion. In this process, the metallic iron facilitates catalytic degradation of the contaminant without significant depletion of the iron. This overall cycle enables degradation of far more contaminant mass than would be estimated by simple iron demand.

This technology is a response to the call to action from the environmental marketplace to provide significant mass removal and sustained treatment from a single product application. CAT 100 has been an especially critical tool for AST to support our consultant partners to resolve sites with mixed contaminant mass and dense non-aqueous phase liquid (DNAPL) impacts, it is applied via in-situ injection or can be soil mixed.

CAT 100 has been used at multiple sites in the United States, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland.

CAT 100 Projects

CAT 100 BOS 200 Application

CAT 100 and BOS 100® Application at Northern European Active Industrial Site

March 25, 2021

Chemical Plant Combined Remedy (CAT 100 + BOS 100®)

November 22, 2019