A PERMEABLE REACTIVE BARRIER (PRB) IS A SUBSURFACE EMPLACEMENT OF REACTIVE MATERIALS THROUGH WHICH A DISSOLVED CONTAMINANT PLUME FLOWS UNDER NATURAL OR INDUCED GRADIENT. AST has completed numerous PRB projects via direct-push injection and conventional continuous trench application to address petroleum hydrocarbon and chlorinated solvent plume migration. A passive PRB is often used as an alternative to site wide remediation to quickly protect sensitive features, bisect a plume, and/or reduce total remediation cost.

A successful PRB requires a comprehensive mass flux characterization. The design should be based on a thorough understanding of subsurface hydraulic and mass distribution heterogeneity rather than on average values. 

By applying our high-density quantitative conceptual site model (CSM) approach, AST can help design and implement a PRB that will meet the remedial goals of the project.

PRB Projects

PRB/Pre-drill Application in Difficult Geology (BOS 200®)

December 13, 2019

BOS 100® Angled PRB Installation At Superfund Site

May 8, 2019