SOIL MIXING IS AN EFFECTIVE IN-SITU METHOD TO INTRODUCE A REAGENT USING EXCAVATION EQUIPMENT, WHICH ALTERS THE CHEMICAL OR PHYSICAL CONDITION OF THE SOIL, WHILE PROMOTING HOMOGENEITY. The reagent is applied at a specific dosage rate and mixed in a one-step process using excavation equipment and mixing techniques without transporting soil from the treatment area.

Cement, polymers, or pozzolanic reagents are introduced to stiffen or solidify the soil unit, adding compressive strength and reducing permeability, where ultimate soil properties typically mimic soft rock. For environmental applications, this approach can be used to reduce contaminant(s) interaction with the surrounding environment and reduce contaminant leaching. Alternatively, a chemical reagent can be applied to reduce, oxidize, or transform contaminants.

AST has the experience and expertise to provide turnkey services for soil mixing applications at even the most challenging or expansive sites, including combined remedies using soil mixing in concert with an injection program.

Soil Mix Projects

Combined Remedies Address Chlorinated Solvent Impacts at an Industrial Site

March 3, 2020

Chemical Plant Combined Remedy (CAT 100 + BOS 100®)

November 22, 2019