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AT AST, WE CONSIDER OURSELVES ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONALS WITH BOOTS ON THE GROUND WHO DON’T MIND GETTING DIRTY. Since our inception in 1993, AST has provided remedial solutions that are both innovative and effective. In 2000 we began to focus attention on the emerging in-situ remediation market and the products being introduced into the marketplace. Early applications included in-situ chemical oxidants and biostimulation reagents. In 2005 we performed our first large scale slurry application, installing 105 tons of micro scale ZVI and an electron donor. Over time we noticed that some of the chemistries in the market were being misapplied, were poorly designed based on flawed site models, or were not flexible enough to address both source and dissolved plume areas.

In 2006 we teamed with Remediation Products Inc. (RPI) to tackle our first Trap & Treat® project using the BOS 200® technology. Our eyes were opened after completing the remedial design characterization (RDC) to revamp the conceptual site model (CSM) and develop a surgical injection/remediation strategy. After this first project was granted a No Further Action designation, many more success stories followed. Over time AST developed a close relationship with RPI and in 2011 was designated as the Master Installer and Distributor of the Trap & Treat® products BOS 100®, BOS 200®, and CAT 100. In this role, responsibilities range from selecting and training all authorized installers, developing injection methodologies and equipment for proper installation, project evaluations and surgical injection approaches, and distribution of the products worldwide.

AST knows that there is no one single remedial solution for the complex environmental problems we encounter. Often the best solution for a site is a Combined Remedy that synergistically merges two or more approaches/technologies to achieve the site cleanup goals.

AST Project Managers can assist in the design and integration of Trap & Treat® technologies, in-situ chemical oxidants/reductants, enhanced bioremediation strategies, surgical excavation, soil mixing, etc. Contact us today and rely on our 25+ years of expertise to get you across the finish line.

BOS 100®

Designed to degrade chlorinated solvents, BOS 100® is a Trap & Treat® in-situ remediation technology, manufactured from high-grade virgin carbons. This effective and efficient technology traps and treats groundwater and soil contamination with smaller costs to you.

CAT 100

Trap & Treat® CAT 100, a fusion of BOS 100® and biotechnology, targets soils and groundwater impacted with halogenated compounds and complex mixes of recalcitrant contaminants.

BOS 200®

BOS 200®, a Trap & Treat® in-situ remediation technology, is designed to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, related solvents, and oils.

Combined Remedies

Combining biological, chemical, and physical remedies to treat a number of site conditions and contaminants can improve the efficiency of the remediation rather than just using one technology.