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Straddle Packers

Straddle packers are a type of borehole tool that is used in environmental site investigation and remediation activities. They consist of an inflatable bladder or packer that is placed inside a borehole, with a sealing mechanism above and below the packer to isolate a specific depth interval. Straddle packers can be installed in soil and rock formations, and they are used to perform a variety of tasks, including hydraulic testing, injection of remedial agents, and groundwater sampling. In environmental remediation applications, straddle packers are often used for in-situ remediation of contaminated groundwater. They can be used to isolate a specific depth interval of the borehole, so that remedial agents can be injected directly into the targeted area. This results in a more targeted and efficient delivery of remedial agents, minimizing the amount of injectate material required and reducing the potential for off-target impacts.