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BOS 200+®

BOS 200+® is a patented Trap and Treat® in situ technology that expands the capabilities of BOS 200®.

Already a time-tested and field-proven treatment technology for petroleum hydrocarbons (PHCs), BOS 200 has evolved to provide increased degradation rates and longevity – preferred by end users dealing with complex sites, light non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL), elevated concentrations of sorbed PHC mass, and commingled plumes. BOS 200+ uses an expanded, proprietary consortium of microbes and enhancements with complex carbohydrates, amino acids, and specific nutrients. This includes a combination of soluble and time-release terminal electron acceptors (TEAs) – providing immediate and sustained support for the BOS 200+ system. Thus, BOS 200+ builds a rich, abundant assembly of hydrocarbon-degrading microorganisms, which are robust and persist even in the presence of LNAPL. The technology supports vigorous biodegradation of LNAPL, lube oils, crude oil, fuel oxygenates, alcohols, glycols, cyclic ethers, and similar contaminants. It is largely insensitive to groundwater geochemistry and performs under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.